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Store Policies

Store Policies

If for any reason you are not happy or dissatisfied, tell us! Our goal is to provide our customers with the finest service and take care of their needs promptly and efficiently. We are always looking for ways to improve our service and product offerings in every way we can. Please tell us how we can better serve you, our valued customer!

Store Refund Policy:


Please be advised your deposit for a custom fireplace door or custom mantel are non-refundable. Any deposit received for a stock fireplace door or stock mantel is refundable up to three (3) days from placing your order. After this time your deposit will be forfeited.

Sales and Installation Policies:

To provide our customers with the optimum safety and performance of the fireplaces we sell, THE FIREPLACE STORE has adopted the following policy:

THE FIREPLACE STORE strongly recommends our trained and experienced employees install and service the fireplaces we sell. This will assure you, the homeowner, of the proper installation, operation, and maintenance of your fireplace and will provide you with years of safe and trouble-free operation.

If a Customer or Contractor elects to install the fireplace, it is essential they manufacture installation instructions and procedures are followed completely. THE FIREPLACE STORE will not be held responsible for any damage caused by improper installation or service.

THE FIREPLACE STORE will inspect all installations done by the Customer or the Contractor to ensure the proper installation procedures were followed. In order for THE FIREPLACE STORE to perform a safety inspection, all venting must be visible, and the gas and electricity must be connected to the fireplace. The cost to perform this service will be determined by geographical location.