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Vent-Free Fireplaces: Do you really

want a Vent-Free Fireplace?

The FIREPLACE STORE does not sell vent-free products. The reason was a simple business decision. We have traded off potential profits to eliminate the liability of selling a product with a potential health hazard. Those establishments that do sell these products do not adequately inform the customer of what they are buying and the operational restrictions.

The FIREPLACE STORE has chosen not to carry vent-free fireplaces and gas logs because of the following factors:

Low levels of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and high levels of moisture can cause health problems in certain people. The moisture given off by vent-free fireplaces (nearly a gallon of water per gallon of gas) can cause problems in your home such as mold and mildew which can damage the structure and irritate allergies and asthma. In addition they can cause odors which some people find very annoying, especially if there are pets in the household.

DO NOT USE if anyone in the house is pregnant, asthmatic, anemic, diabetic, intoxicated, smokes or has heart, circulatory or respiratory problems or babies are in the house.

DO NOT USE more than 4 hours at a time nor more than 40 hours per week.

DO NOT USE as a sole source of heat.

DO NOT USE in very air tight homes.

DO NOT USE install in a bedroom or bathroom.

CHECK YOUR LOCAL BUILDING CODES as further restrictions on the installation of vent free appliances may apply.